February 25, 2015

Development begins

Development of Mad Miners has officially begun, and we’re massively excited to start bringing you bits and pieces of information on the game!

The core gameplay was inspired by a variety of games that we know and love, such as BombermanMine Bombers and even Minecraft.

That said, Mad Miners is not a clone or a copy of any of those games. It is a mix of those games, with an added ingredient of our love and passion for games.

The current plan is that Mad Miners will have 1-4 player local and network multiplayer, with support for both keyboards and game controllers.

Some time after release, Mad Miners will also have an in-game level editor, with levels that you can share through Steam. (That is, if we can get through Steam Greenlight)


Now, on to more technical things.

We’re building our own game engine alongside Mad Miners, which allows us much more freedom, as well as full cross-platform support.

Yes, you heard correct, at launch we will be supporting Windows, OS X and Linux.

Mobile versions are planned in the future, but not a priority right now.


That’s all for now. We’ll try our best to keep you informed of the game’s progress, and see if we can include a few images and videos here and there.

@Dids out!


February 25, 2015

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